gentle clean facial cleanser

Aspect- Gentle Clean Facial Cleanser 100ml


Gentle Clean is ideal for post procedure when the skin is extremely sensitive and cannot tolerate exfoliation.
No matter what your skin type. We know you will absolutely love Purastat 5™ and Gentle Clean™, not only for what it takes away but also for what it gives back to your skin and complexion, and never again will you neglect the first commandment of effective skin care “thou shall not neglect to remove thy makeup before bed, no matter how tired thou feel”.

Product Description

Key Ingredients:
Glycerine- Humectant
Canadian Willow herb extract- Soothing and calming, Anti-Bacterial, Antioxidant
L- Lactic Acid– Exfoliating, increased hydration.

Lather up a pump sized amount in clean hands, foam up and massage over face and rinse with clean running water

Ideal for the cosmetic management of:
Sensitive Skin
Reactive Skin
Post Peel, Laser, IPL, Surgery

Soothing and calming
Removes Makeup