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Aspect- Purastat 5 240ml


Your skin deserves better than dish-washing liquid!
Cleansing is the first step in your skincare regime and yet, it is often not given the important consideration it deserves. Many cleansers contain similar ingredients to your average bottle of washing up liquid!
Purastat 5 is designed not only to cleanse and purify the skin without aggravation, but also to improve the actual condition of the skin.

Product Description

-Removes embedded dirt, make up, oil and damaging pollutants
-Renews by gently clearing congested pores and deterring imperfections
-Restores with lactic milk extracts to deeply penetrate the skin and to attract moisture to improve hydration
-Protects with a botanical shield against environmental pollution
-Calms even sensitive skins with 7 soothing botanical ingredients
-Suitable for all skin types.