retinol Brulee

Aspect- Retinol Brulee 30ml


Retinol Brulee: Empty promises or real results… you now have a choice. Since 1984, the word Retinol has been synonymous with clear, healthy, youthful-looking skin. No other ingredient in the history of skin care has undergone such rigorous clinical studies in order to prove its worthiness as the gold standard in anti-ageing skin care..

Product Description

Improves the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles
Promotes a more elastic, firmer skin texture
Clarifies the appearance of pigmentation and discolouration
Retexturises and refines the skin’s surface
Shrinks the look of pores
Discourages the appearance of imperfections
Regulates the appearance of excessively oily skin
Restores a healthy glow to sallow devitalised complexions
Eliminates dry, rough patches

All skin types
Lines and wrinkles
Dehydrated and rough
Sun damaged
Coarse pores
Mature and ageing skins